The 3 Best Phrases To Close More Sales (without feeling pushy)

In this guide, learn the 3 best phrases you can use for your customers to trust you so that you can nurture them to become loyal to you and not drive them away with poor sales tactics.


What’s Inside:

  • Learn the 3 specific phrases or questions that salespeople can use to increase their chances of closing sales during calls
  • Learn proven tips for how to listen actively and dig deeper into a customer’s responses to get to the heart of their needs.
  • Learn about the biggest mindset shift you can apply to better communicate the value of their offerings to potential customers and close more sales as a result.

Meet Your Working Genius Facilitator

Katie Armentrout

  • Certified Work Genius Facilitator
  • ​20+ years of experience, born and raised in Customer Service.
  • ​Trained 1,000s of individuals including CEOs, sales professionals, restaurant servers, and retail & nonprofit teams.
  • ​Board Member at a Cincinnati-based charity that helps change the lives of people who are working their way out of poverty.
  • ​Earned her MBA at UNC-Chapel Hill and BSBA at Saint Louis University.
  • ​Accomplished leader who connects with people, build relationships, solves problems and serves others.

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